Brad Marchand: 'I'm excited for the deadline to be over'

Ahead of the NHL trade deadline on March 3, Bruins star Brad Marchand says he's excited to know what Boston's final roster looks like for the Stanley Cup playoffs. Boston is the No.1 team in the NHL, taking 91 points in 56 games, which tied the NHL record for fewest games needed to reach 90 points in a season, previously set by the 1979-80 Philadelphia Flyers.

Video Transcript

KYLE CARNTLON: With the trade deadline obviously a little while away here, what are you hoping your team maybe adds at the deadline? Is there anything you feel you guys are maybe missing? Is there a player out there that you think can maybe put you guys over the top? What are kind of your thoughts heading in?

BRAD MARCHAND: Honestly man, I try not to think too much about that. We try to really stress that you just focus on what we can control. And that's our game and our team game. How we practice and compete and get better.

But we can't control what the team does. And that's their job. We're going to let them do their job. And we just got to focus on us. So I don't know, obviously there's a lot of rumors that float around about what the team is looking to do. But there's a lot of that's hearsay as well.

We'll see. No matter what they're going to do what they feel is the best opportunity for us to win a cup. And I'm excited for the deadline to be over to see what that is and how we end up. We may not change at all. We may add a couple of pieces. But regardless, we have the same goal in mind.