Brandel Chamblee: Tiger Woods cost himself majors by lifting weights 'purely for vanity reasons'

Brandel Chamblee has made a career of criticizing PGA golfers. Tiger Woods is no exception to his crosshairs.

The outspoken Golf Channel analyst said earlier this week that the 14-time major champion is one of the game’s great underachievers.

Chamblee thinks Woods should have won a lot more majors

“I would argue he got the least out of his talent of any player, maybe in history,” Chamblee told GolfWorld. “What other player would you have imagined was going to win 30 major championships? Twenty-five, 30 major championships and 100-plus events?”

On Thursday, Chamblee went on the Dan Patrick show and further blasted Woods as he seeks his elusive 15th major at this week’s PGA Championship.

Chamblee blames Woods’ decision to lift weights

Patrick asked Chamblee his thoughts on what would have happened if Woods hadn’t started lifting weights.

“He would have won 20-plus major championships and 100-plus events,” Chamblee told Patrick. “He would be hitting the ball right now, probably as long or longer than anybody on the PGA Tour.

“When he started working out – and he still managed to win the Masters, obviously in 2000, 2001, 2005 – but he was averaging along the lines of 290, 280,” Chamblee said. “Never sniffed what he was averaging when he was a kid. That sinewy, that quick-snapping speed was what he had, and it was a gift.”

Chamblee: Woods sacrificed golf performance for vanity

Chamblee has criticized Woods for his frequent swing changes and weight lifting in the past, but Thursday’s was perhaps his most biting assessment.

“He traded all of that speed for strength, and I think it was purely for vanity reasons,” he said. “He has an obsession with perfection. Perfect golf swing, he’s changed his swing three or four times, cost him two years each time he did it. Changed his body because he was looking for the perfect body – who knows what that’s cost him in time and injuries and majors and tournaments?”

Weights didn’t injure Woods’ knee

A slew of injuries have played a significant role in Woods’ fall from perhaps the most dominant force in the history of the game. His left knee has given him problems since he was a teenager and has required multiple surgeries including the removal of a benign tumor, removal of fluid, the repair of a ruptured ACL and repaired damaged cartilage.

None of those injuries were related to lifting weights. They did, however, require Woods to adjust his swing from his dominant form of the late 1990s through the early 2000s that put a significant amount of pressure on that gimpy knee.

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