Need a reset to your morning breakfast routine? These top chefs offer exclusive ideas for Yahoo readers

Naomi Tomky
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Yahoo Life 5-Day Breakfast Reset Challenge
Yahoo Life 5-Day Breakfast Reset Challenge

Despite its reputation as the most important meal of the day, breakfast gets monotonous for many people. But some of the best chefs and culinary celebrities crushed the Yahoo Life “Reset Your Breakfast” challenge and showed everyone how to get creative even before the coffee finishes brewing.

The one thing that each of the participants in the challenge agreed on was that breakfast remained the most important meal of the day, and each of the creative, interesting recipe ideas they shared offer ways to make sure it lives up to that reputation.

Even as most people try to leave much of 2020 in the rear view mirror, better breakfasts – like the ones shared over the course of the Reset Your Breakfast challenge – are welcome to carry on into the new year.

In our Day 1 breakfast challenge with Marcus Samuelsson, tackling tough times and full days means kicking off the day in a healthful way: with a smoothie that incorporates tons of fruit and a fascinating superfood called Irish sea moss. The refreshing drink balances crisp, savory, sweet, and tart flavors and comes together in minutes.

For day two of the challenge, chef Leah Cohen found that the best way to make sure she eats well even early in the day required going back to a childhood favorite. She describes her beef tapa as a Filipino steak and eggs, serving it accompanied with the traditional sides of garlic fried rice and a tomato and shallot salad for a little freshness.

“It’s really important to spend as much time with your family as possible,” says Cohen, and one of the ways she does that is by eating meals together with them. And armed with the exciting, innovative recipes from the Reset Your Breakfast challenge, getting everyone to wake up and sit down together gets even easier.

In Day 3 of the breakfast challenge, Iron Chef Geoffrey Zakarian takes a little more time – and brings in a little help – for his breakfast reset. With his daughters (and cookbook co-authors) helping, Zakarian demonstrates olive and egg tartines, a savory favorite that they find works well for families that might not all be sitting down for the morning meal at the same time.

For Day four, while television host Katie Lee’s kid isn’t old enough to help out with breakfast, the hardworking new mom knows that getting plenty of protein first thing helps her stay energized all day. To pack in all the nutrients she needs, she married a vegetarian burger with avocado toast to create a big, brunch-style stack she calls the Gardein Burger Twist.

And for the fifth and final day of the breakfast challenge, DiSpirito also looked to bring brunch into his home, but for the adherent to the keto diet, resetting breakfast meant finding a delicious, simple recipe without sugar or gluten – but that was still fun to make. The key to his keto chocolate chip waffles, he explains, is a favorite ingredient: sugar-free chocolate chips.

“Breakfast changed during quarantine,” says Rocco DiSpirito, as everyone found their way through new routines and celebrated holidays in unfamiliar ways.”