'Breastfeeding My Boyfriend' hit with over 100 Ofcom complaints

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'Breastfeeding My Boyfriend' stars Lana and Shawn (Channel 4)
'Breastfeeding My Boyfriend' stars Lana and Shawn (Channel 4)

Controversial documentary Breastfeeding My Boyfriend has been hit with more than 100 Ofcom complaints.

The Channel 4 film lifted the lid on a community of people who used breastfeeding as part of their sexual foreplay or selling lactating videos online.

Ofcom has now confirmed that 129 people complained about the programme, citing that they “objected to the premise and the scenes within it”.

This included a mum-of-three known only as “Milky Mummy” earning £300 for videos online, as a side job alongside her day job of working in healthcare.

Milky Mummy in Breastfeeding My Boyfriend (Channel 4)
Milky Mummy in 'Breastfeeding My Boyfriend' (Channel 4)

"I've got three children, two under two which is quite hard work, and I started making the content when I was pregnant with my baby who is now nearly two, and carried on since then," she explained.

"I felt really sexy while I was pregnant, my boobs were good and I was glowing.

"My early videos were belly rubs, boob rubs, that's how it started and I started making money from there."

She revealed that her online job earns her “£30,000 for just three hours of work a week”.

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Another woman, Lana Michaels, argued that it made her “feel sexier as a woman” when breastfeeding her long-term partner, Shawn.

The pair, who live in Spain, also sell adult videos of themselves online with Lana sometimes suckling Shawn.

In order to get enough milk, Lana started taking milk producing supplements, as well as breast pumping, in order to allow Shawn feed twice a week.

Lana and Shawn in Breastfeeding My Boyfriend (Channel 4)
Lana and Shawn in 'Breastfeeding My Boyfriend' (Channel 4)

She had previously breastfed her two children, an 11-year-old son and seven-year-old daughter, but her lactation stopped four years ago.

Opening up about their sexual practices, Lana explains: “I used to feel when breastfeeding a great sense of love, and it was just unconditional love. That’s what I missed and that’s what made me want to start doing it again with my boyfriend.”

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The couple said they hoped the practice would become more mainstream.

But instead, it caused outrage by those who worry that sexualising the practice is making it more difficult for mums breastfeeding babies in public.

Button and Tip in Breastfeeding My Boyfriend (Channel 4)
Button and Tip in 'Breastfeeding My Boyfriend' (Channel 4)

“What annoyed me about this show is how sexualised some of the couples made it," one angry viewer wrote on Twitter. "This is why many women feel uncomfortable to breastfeed their babies in public, because of the sexual connotations people have attached to it."

While another added: "there's still a hideous taboo for women who breastfeed their babies in public, this is just sexualising a very natural process and making it more of an issue, when it should never have been an issue at all.”

Shawn and Lana later appeared on This Morning to defend the documentary, arguing that it fits within their vegan lifestyle as “Lana is consenting, while cows are not.”

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