Brewers ballboy slips and falls trying to make play, recovers well

Bruce Wayne’s father once said, “why do we fall? So we can learn to pick ourselves up.” We’re not saying this Milwaukee Brewers ballboy is destined to become the next Batman, but if he does, this could be his origin story.

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It all happened during Monday’s game against the San Francisco Giants. In the top of the second inning, a hero was born. But every great superhero story begins with a tragedy.

With men on first and second, Giants second baseman Joe Panik sent a ground ball foul down the first base line. The Brewers ballboy jumped to action. He played the ball perfectly, taking the right angle as the ball caromed off the wall and headed toward fair territory.

That’s when our hero was hit with his first challenge. The ballboy’s foot slipped on the grass, causing him to land straight on his backside. The ball feebly rolls into shallow right field.

This Brewers ballboy had a tough time with his ground ball. ( Screenshot)

This is a crucial moment in our hero’s development. He can either wallow in sadness or rise above the occasion.

After laying on the ground for a moment, he chooses the latter. Our hero answers the call, and vows to overcome any obstacle in his way. He retrieves the ball from shallow right, turns to the concerned citizens watching the act and takes a bow. The crowd celebrates appropriately.

OK, maybe it’s not the most dramatic origin story, but it will do. The bigger question is what’s our hero’s power going forward? You might think it’s the ability to stop any foul ground ball in its path, but it’s more likely the power to recover from embarrassing situations flawlessly.

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