Brewers coach turns rain-soaked PNC Park into personal playground

Mark Townsend
Yahoo Sports Contributor

Heavy rains at PNC Park in Pittsburgh prevented the Milwaukee Brewers and Pittsburgh Pirates from playing baseball Wednesday night.

However, it didn’t prevent Brewers bullpen coach Marcus Hanel from playing around on the ball diamond. In fact, the heavy rains helped him turn the rain-soaked stadium into his own personal playground.

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As the rain delay continued and the field conditions worsened throughout the night, it became clear that baseball wouldn’t be played. That’s when Hanel took it upon himself to entertain the players and whatever fans remained by treating the tarp like a slip-n-slide.

Brewers bullpen coach Marcus Hanel provided some quality rain delay entertain Wednesday night in Pittsburgh. (AP)

It’s a classic activity that baseball players and coaches have taken part in for decades to help pass the time during delays. Former big league catcher Rick Dempsey was most famous for it. He would often turn it into a major production where he’d dress up as other players.

Hanel didn’t go that far, but he definitely provided some entertainment.

Of course, the rain delay wasn’t strictly playtime for Hanel. The not-so-glamorous job of a bullpen coach often entails moving equipment. One Pittsburgh reporter captured video of Hanel doing just that while trudging through the flooded hallways outside the clubhouse. He was removing bats from the also flooded Brewers dugout.

Marcus Hanel is one dedicated bullpen coach.

For that, and for his epic tarp-sliding, we salute him.

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