Bride who banned her niece's superhero dress from wedding faces online backlash

Caroline Allen
A bride has caused a stir on social media after banning her niece’s superhero-inspired dress. [Photo: Getty]

Picking the perfect wedding outfit for a child is no easy feat, and this family are no exception.

A bride has taken to Facebook to moan about her niece’s choice of wedding attire.

The dress in question is a blue and red superhero-inspired number complete with a gold star on the front. The bride put up a picture of her niece’s dress, which makes her look like a mini Captain Marvel.

The caption read: “Was at the soon-to-be-in-laws today and they chose this dress for my fiancé’s niece. I told them to keep shopping. Do people really not understand what to wear to weddings?”

The woman took to Facebook to share her displeasure over the young girl’s choice of outfit. [Photo: Facebook]

The bride’s comments didn’t go unnoticed, and quickly other Facebook users got involved.

One woman wrote: “If that was her way of expressing herself I would never stop her from being herself. They’re only that young for a very short period of time.”

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Many people agreed that the woman was placing too much emphasis on the dress.

One man wrote: “Not everything an 8 year old kid does make sense. The bride probably wants everything perfect for her big day and the kid probably wants to wear something that will make the occasion more fun for her.”

But some people sympathised with the bride, saying that they’d only let their child wear something like this if it was a “themed party”.

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One woman said it’s not hard for her to “take off her costume for one day”.

She said: “A school wouldn’t let a kid wear a mask to school (unless the occasion calls for it) so why should a wedding be anything different?”

The debate is still encouraging hundreds of comments. Some people are confused about whether or not she’s in the wedding party. One thing’s for sure though; everybody has a different opinion on what makes acceptable wedding attire.

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