'He thinks it makes him look cheap': Bride-to-be defends her 'dainty' wedding band

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    This story is illustrative of how broken our society is. SHE chose her ring. All that matters is that she is happy with it. I did not want an engagement ring, my now husband surprised me with a Rolex that matches his. I did not want diamonds or big stones. I now have a lovely setting with 5 square emeralds. They never snag, I can work out, play tennis, do yard work, etc. I love my non traditional ring.
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    My husband and I bought a engagement ring, wedding band and wedding band for him set and it was $300 for all. Still to this day, even though we can afford more now, I wear it pridefully....because to me, it's not about how expensive it is, how many carats it is etc. Its about what the ring symbolizes. Love, commitment, compassion etc. That's what makes your relationship strong. He has offered to upgrade it many many times. And my answer is always the same. No way.
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    No one's business. If the bride likes it, that is all that matters. My granddaughter has an engagement ring, but she opted out of having a wedding ring. She loves her fine engagement ring, is deeply in love with her husband, but just wanted the engagement ring to serve as both rings. The tastes of people change. How often do I look at wedding bands or engagement rings after a person is married? Rarely.
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    Engagement rings have only been a tradition since the 1920's thanks to an ad campaign. Before that, there was no ring; just a wedding band and occasionally wedding gifts to the bride from the groom. This entire thing is a gimmick. Personally I'm glad she chose a sensible ring. People spend way too much on stuff that makes zero difference to a marriage.
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    This is what I woke up for
    It's not about the ring, it's about the love of the person who gave it to u. Believe it or not size does not matter.
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    California Sucks
    I got my wife a VERY nice engagement ring and wedding band. The engagement ring has the rock, the band is a higher karat of gold and has a couple of dozen small diamonds set in the band. She typically wears the wedding band alone and at a glance, it doesn't look as impressive as it is, certainty not as "blingy" as the engagement ring. I initially had the same thought, but realized very quickly that it is what SHE wants to wear everyday. She puts on the bling when we go out and it's even more special because I don't see it every day.

    Side thought 1: he should be happy he didn't have to spend $5K on her ring.
    Side thought 2: She won't have to worry about losing the expensive engagement ring (and neither will he)
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    That would be a good width ring for my fingers as I don't care for bulky stones and wide bands. To each their own... why is that so difficult?
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    A wedding ring is a symbol. Don't buy into the 2.5 months pay for a ring hyped by jewelers.
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    Guys need to realize the ring is not about them and their ego. It’s about what the woman actually wants to wear on her finger.
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    The Greys Are Here
    Once your relationship is more about "things" than each other...your relationship is over. Divorce line --> this way.