'He thinks it makes him look cheap': Bride-to-be defends her 'dainty' wedding band

Image via Facebook

A North Carolina woman is defending her choice of an understated wedding ring despite her fiancé’s concerns that it “makes him look cheap.”

Olga Vilkova of Greensboro, N.C. took to the popular Facebook group “That’s It, I’m Ring Shaming” to share a photo of her wedding ring, a thin gold band with five diamonds.

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“Lol my wedding ring came in yesterday and I picked it out myself and now my fiancé is mad at me because he thinks it makes him look cheap,” Vilkova wrote. “Rip me a new one because my wedding is in two weeks.”

Image via Facebook.

Members of the group, which has more than 54,000 members, were quick to weigh-in with their thoughts with many siding with Vilkova’s fiancé.

“Ok but did he lie?” one wrote, while others said, “This is so sad. I wanna start a GoFundMe.”

“Not at all appropriate for a wedding ring,” added another. “Your poor fiancé.”

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Some tried to add a positive spin to the ring (which goes against group rules).

“I like how dainty and fine it is. It’s a sweet casual ring to wear on another finger. However as a wedding band, this is a charade,” a commenter wrote. “No one will think you’re married. The groom should be concerned.”

Many poked fun at the size of the ring.

“I’m sorry what ring?” one commenter said, while another woman wrote, “I too used to bend paperclips into rings when I was 10.”

Others wanted to see what Vilkova’s engagement ring looked like, commenting, “So long as the engagement ring cost $10,000 that should make up for the wedding band being invisible.”

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