A bride is upset that her mum plans to wear the same dress as her bridesmaids on the big day

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What would you do in the bride-to-be's shoes? [Photo: Getty]

A bride-to-be has been left devastated after her mother revealed that she has purchased a similar dress to her bridesmaids for the upcoming big day.

Taking to Reddit to ask if she’s being a “bridezilla”, the anonymous woman wrote: “My mum just showed me the ‘mother of the bride’ dress she plans to wear to my wedding and it is *very* clearly a bridesmaid dress.”

“I wouldn't care too much, except that my bridesmaids will be wearing a more casual off-the-rack dress as a cost-saving measure,” she continued. “So I'd rather my mum isn't the only person at my wedding wearing an actual bridesmaid dress.”

To save money ahead of the ceremony, the bride has chosen £27.45 navy dresses from Amazon for her bridesmaids.

The bridesmaid dress the bride-to-be has chosen [Photo: Amazon]

But the gown her mother has chosen is strikingly similar in a matching navy hue with a sweetheart neckline and ruched detailing.

The only real difference? It comes with a £145 price tag.

The dress that the mother of the bride has chosen for the ceremony [Photo: Wedding Shoppe]

She went on to explain that for her sister’s nuptials, her mum wore a standard mother of the bride gown and “looked gorgeous”.

But when she asked her to wear something similar for her own wedding, her mother said that she had “felt like a sack” at the last bash.

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“I offered to buy her another dress that is fitted and feminine (anything she wants, as long as it isn't as obviously a bridesmaid dress) and she started to get all defensive so I dropped it,” she added.

The mother of the bride has purchased a dress strikingly similar to the bridesmaids' outfits [Photo: Getty]

“AITA [Am I the a**hole?] to ask my mum to wear something a little more classic for a mother of the bride? Or am I being a bridezilla and need to relax and let my mom enjoy herself?”

In response to the post, a large number of Reddit users agreed that the bride-to-be is being “very bridzilla-ish”.

“What does ‘obviously a bridesmaid dress’ even mean? That sounds so ridiculous. What is it about the dress specifically that you don't like?” one wrote. “If what you describe as a ‘standard MOB dress’ felt like a sack to her, maybe you're being unfair about your expectations.”

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Another agreed, reminding the bride that there is much more to a wedding than the outfits guests decide to wear on the big day.

“It sounds like your wedding planning is getting to you. Take a step back, remind yourself about what really matters,” they commented. “You're marrying your best friend, and your proud to share this day with your family, who you love. Everything else really doesn't matter.”

“Let her wear what she wants and enjoy herself, she is the mother of the bride so really should be in a dope dress vs. your bridesmaids,” another argued. “Let her LIVE!”

A fourth user suggested that her mum wear a striking accessory or evening jacket to help prevent any future squabbles in the run-up to the ceremony.

Though some agreed that her mother should perhaps choose something more appropriate.

“It is your wedding after all. So long as everything is done politely, it shouldn’t be any problem for the mother to obtain a dress that both the bride and she find acceptable,” one wrote. “A wedding is supposed to be about those getting married, as well, so the mother should be willing to make accommodations.”

Another simply reminded the bride, “Your wedding, your rules.”

What would you do if you were in the bride-to-be’s shoes?

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