Bride Refuses to Drop Child-Free Wedding Rule — Now Sister Can't Attend Because She Can't Find a Babysitter

"I have been to weddings where there are children, and some have screamed during the ceremony and reception," the bride said

<p>Getty</p> Stock image of little boy at a wedding.


Stock image of little boy at a wedding.

A bride is causing a stir online after revealing she won't make an exception at her wedding to allow her sister to bring her child.

In a post on Reddit's popular "Am I the A------?" subreddit, the bride-to-be, 24, shared that she has always dreamed of having a child-free wedding. This desire was so strong that she explicitly stated on her wedding invitations that children wouldn't be allowed.

The bride explained her reasoning, stating, "I have been to weddings where there are children, and some have screamed during the ceremony and reception. I was at one where a kid didn't want to wait for the cake to be cut, so he snuck up and grabbed a handful. The bride was horrified."

However, in the month leading up to the wedding, the bride faced a dilemma when her 28-year-old sister asked if she could bring her 5-year-old son. This request arose after her sister's boyfriend backed out of plans to watch the child to go on a trip with his friends instead.

"She asked if I can make an exception and she'll keep him quiet," the bride wrote, expressing her love for her nephew but noting his tendency to seek attention.

The bride continued, "I just don't trust her in this situation because at our grandmother's 80th birthday recently, my sister made the same promise to our family that she'd keep him calm. He broke away from her, blew out our grandmother's candles, and pushed the cake off when my dad tried to redirect him."

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<p>Getty</p> Stock photo of little boy at a wedding.


Stock photo of little boy at a wedding.

Additionally, the bride pointed out that the wedding venue posed safety concerns for her nephew, with open water and expansive fields where he could potentially wander.

In the end, the bride told her sister no, offering instead to help her find a new babysitter. However, her sister expressed distrust in leaving her son with just anyone.

"She called me AH for inviting our cousin who turned 18 in December," the bride continued. "I told her she is an adult and can watch and take care of herself during this event ... She says, 'She barely turned 18, I'm your sister and you can't do this for me.' "

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<p>Getty</p> Stock photo of a young boy with a bride.


Stock photo of a young boy with a bride.

Since posting, the bride has amassed over 400 comments on her post, with people offering advice and feedback on how she should handle the situation. One person wrote, "This is YOUR special day. Invite whomever you want and set any rules regarding who comes."

"You planned a child-free wedding, and everybody was happy with the arrangement until your sister had to find her own childcare," someone else added.

Another user wrote, "DO NOT BACK DOWN. This is her problem to solve, and if her boyfriend can't be bothered to parent then I guess she will miss the wedding."

Other users were less sure about the bride's stance with one writing, "Every time this subject comes up the answer is going to be NTA. With the caveat that you can expect some of your friends and family to think differently. And you ought not be surprised if it causes rifts."

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