A bride-to-be said she 'froze' after she was prompted to tip while purchasing her wedding dress

  • A bride-to-be was stunned when she was asked to tip on her wedding dress.

  • "If you guys think your stylist deserves a tip, why don't you just give her commission?" she questioned the store.

  • TikTokers chimed in with their own stories of tipping culture run amok.

Need more proof that tipping culture has gotten wildly out of control? In a TikTok video with 520,000 views last month, 30-year-old bride-to-be Ina Josipovic said she was asked for a gratuity while purchasing her wedding dress.

On December 27, Josipovic shared that after finding her dream dress, the cashier flipped around an iPad at the checkout counter, whereupon the screen requested a tip. Josipovic said she "full-on froze."

Josipovic was with a friend who'd recently gotten married, so she asked them — speaking in a different language so the workers wouldn't understand — whether she'd been asked to tip on her dress, and her friend answered no.

Josipovic did some math, realizing that tipping 10% on a $1,500 to $2,000 gown was "a lot." Instead, she opted to leave a custom tip of $50, she told Business Insider. On TikTok, she conceded it sounded like a meager sum, at least percentage-wise.

Still, she was flummoxed by the request. "If you guys think your stylist deserves a tip," she asked in her TikTok video, "why don't you just give her commission?"

Josipovic told BI that she was "overwhelmed" by the popularity of the video and declined to provide the name of the bridal boutique because she didn't want it to get attacked or review-bombed online.

"I never made the video to bash the store or workers," she said. "The store itself was great, and the stylist who helped me was really nice." She said she'd taken to TikTok to see if other brides had similar experiences (most didn't, she said) and to discuss the "weirdest" venues people had been asked to tip.

Commenters were incredulous on Josipovic's behalf, chiming in with their own experiences.

"I was once asked to tip at a self serve kiosk at a football stadium," one shared. Another added, "I was asked to tip when getting a pregnancy ultrasound."

"I was ask [sic'] to tip at the pharmacy. Pharmacy?! What am I tipping for?" another viewer complained. "The self service car wash," a fourth viewer shared. "I never went back."

Tipping culture in America has become a hot topic online, with many foreigners being utterly perplexed by the practice. Recently, a woman went viral for a list she made about all the venues and businesses she refused to tip in 2024, including for to-go food orders and medical services.

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