Bride's 'aggressive' save-the-date wedding demands spark fury

By Eliza Velk, Yahoo Australia

When it comes to organizing a wedding, it’s not uncommon for brides to go to extensive measures to make sure everything is perfect for their special day.

However, a bride may have taken things a little too far when she sent out her save-the-date cards that included a lengthy list of requirements for guests to meet before they say ‘attending’.

One guest who found the two-page invitation rather “aggressive” leaked it on Facebook and commenters had plenty to say.

A save-the-date card was leaked to Facebook after a guest was shocked at the lengthy list of ‘things to consider before saying yes’. Source: Facebook

On page one was your traditional save-the-date details with a picture of the husband and wife-to-be, however on the other page was a long list of “Things to keep in mind before saying yes.”

The bride and groom were straight to the point when informing guests that their wedding will be held overseas in an “Asian country” and will likely set them back about $5,000.

Despite the wedding festivities only lasting 2-3 days, the couple tells guests that they “need to take at least two weeks off [work],” as they say one week will be too short for how long the flights are. 

To be fair, they appeared quite understanding that not everyone will be willing to make the long haul trip to attend yet for those who are, it was time to “start saving your pennies.”

The informal invite was two pages, with the first looking like your regular save-the-date card. Source: Facebook

The reaction on Facebook wasn’t so positive, with one person saying, “I think this is an invitation to be murdered.”

“These people really do not want anyone at their wedding,” another person commented. 

And another agreed, saying “She might not even need a venue after those ‘save the dates’, as it might just be her and the hubby.”

Meanwhile, other people were more outraged by the “many spelling errors” on the save-the-date card, with one person saying they wouldn’t attend purely for that reason.

“Has anyone started counting the grammar/spelling mistakes?” one person fumed.

Another was a little easier on the couple, saying: “It is a good idea in theory but they didn’t execute it very well.”

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