Bride's shock after wedding guest asks for gift back

Kristine Tarbert
Senior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

Wedding guest gifting etiquette is constantly up for debate, but this particular incident is definitely a no-no.

An Australian woman has caused some outrage online after revealing a wedding guest asked for his gift back three months after the wedding happened.

Janelle and her husband got married five years ago, and she decided to share the shocking tale on a wedding shaming group on Facebook.

“After my wedding my husband and I opened gifts and cards. I opened a card from my husband’s aunt and uncle, they had written us a $300 (£162.73) cheque. We were like ‘Whoa, but ok he makes good money’,” she explained in the post, which has since gone viral. 

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“Three months later we get a phone call…said generous uncle only meant to write a $30 (£16.27) cheque and we need to give him $270 (£146.46) back. Like who does that?!”

She went on to clarify that he had written $300 both in the box, and in words on the line.

“He asked for the money 3 MONTHS LATER. He and his wife DO NOT have money problems. My mother-in-law was pissed he did that to us (her brother).

“We gave everything back because we didn’t want a penny of his money.”

Most were outraged that the person would have the audacity to ask for money back that long after the wedding had taken place.

“If he had asked for it back within a few weeks I’d agree maybe a mistake,” one person argued. “But THREE WHOLE MONTHS later? At that point you wouldn’t even have that 300 he gave you anymore.”

“That’s disgusting I’m happy you gave it all back I would have done the exact same,” another agreed.

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Others pointed out that even if it was a mistake, $30 is definitely not enough to give as a wedding gift.

“Did you send them a bill for their meals,” one person asked.

“Who gives $30 to a couple as a gift,” another wrote.

“$30 for a wedding present? Which century are they living in,” was another comment.

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There were a select few that thought she should just be grateful regardless of what the gift was.

“Wow! How about just be grateful if you get anything at all? No one owes you anything for getting married,” was one comment.

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