Brigitte Bardot then and now: See the bombshell through the years

Jennifer Kline,

Nobody does it quite like Brigitte Bardot.

One of the ultimate sex symbols of the 1960s -- maybe the ultimate, with no disrespect to Sophia Loren -- Bardot shot to fame when she was just a teenager. After making her film debut in 1952, the French-born beauty made international waves, quickly grabbing the attention of Hollywood bigwigs.

One little-known fact? The iconic blonde bombshell isn't really a blonde! It was in 1956 that she bleached her naturally-dark hair, and the rest is history.

Today, an 83-year-old Bardot still occasionally makes public appearances, usually in support of animal rights. An impassioned animal welfare activist, she's dedicated her life (and much of her money) to protecting all types of creatures around the globe.

Take a look Bardot through the years: