Britney Spears pays fine to avoid court for road violation and enrols in traffic school

Britney Spears has reportedly paid a $332 fine to avoid going to court after committing a traffic violation.

The 41-year-old pop superstar had been caught allegedly crossing over double lines while driving her white Mercedes Benz around Ventura County in California in October and now, according to TMZ, she has paid the fine and even shelled out the extra so she can attend traffic school and therefore avoid getting points on her licence.

The outlet claimed that she had topped up the total amount of the fine to $400 so she could enrol on the training course.

The news comes just weeks after it was revealed that she was caught on camera telling a cop she needed the bathroom as she tried to justify her actions.

Footage from the officer’s bodycam obtained by TMZ showed her telling him: “I’m so sorry, I have to use the bathroom... it’s about to come out right now. Sorry, my house is right there.”

The officer had also pulled her over on 10 September for an alleged speed violation.

When she was asked to show her license and registration during the October stop, Britney said her security team had her passport and license after she’d come back from a trip.

The cop told Britney he was not trying to pull her over intentionally, but was looking for motorists who were speeding or passing over double yellow lines.

He slapped her with a citation for passing over double yellow lines and advised her she was free to go and to drive safely.

In California, it is illegal to cross solid double yellow lines on the road except when turning left at an intersection, turning into or out of a private road or driveway, driving in a carpool lane – or have been instructed to do so by construction workers.