Brittany Mahomes shares new photos with Taylor Swift from their star-studded night out in New York City

Brittany Mahomes has shared some sweet photos with her new pal: Taylor Swift.

The former athlete, who’s married to Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, took to Instagram on 7 November to share the snaps from her recent night-out with Swift, who’s been romantically linked to Chiefs star Travis Kelce since September. Her post came days after the pair were spotted out in New York City with some of the singer’s close friends: Selena Gomez, Sophie Turner, and Cara Delevingne.

In the new Instagram photo, Swift could be seen with her arm wrapped around Mahomes’ shoulder, as they had champagne glasses in their hands and smiled at the camera, while standing in front of a red brick wall. They were joined by Paige Buechele – who’s married to former Chiefs star Shane Buechele – and Lyndsay Bell, who’s married to current Chiefs tight end Blake Bell. The four women went on to clink their glasses together in the photo.

The second image of the Instagram post went on to show Swift, Mahomes, and Bell taking a sip of their drinks, as they looked away from the camera. Meanwhile, Buechele continued to hold up her glass and made a funny face, while looking at the camera.

Mahomes kept the caption of her post short and sweet, as it only included emojis of two champagne glasses and shining stars. In the comments, fans expressed their excitement over the photo of the group, while making quips about the women’s relationships with former and current Kansas City Chiefs players.

“Casually breaking the internet,” one wrote, while another added: “THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF KANSAS CITY.”

A third quipped: “When the boys are away the girls will play!”

Many went on to praise Mahomes and Swift’s seemingly growing friendship, with one writing: “SWIFT & MAHOMES…finally a photo on your IG! Love this. And your entire girl gang. All of you are so beautiful and ooze happiness!!! Love it.”

On 4 November, Swift and her friend group were spotted at BONDST, a popular Japanese fusion restaurant, in New York City. While leaving the restaurant, the “Anti-Hero” singer linked arms with Gomez and held hands with Mahomes, while Turner and Delevingne walked closely behind them.

During the outing, Swift wore a black top and grey mini skirt with black thigh-high boots, while Mahomes wore a blue corset with matching trousers and a white coat.

After attending her first Chiefs games in September, Swift has continued to develop a friendship with the retired women’s soccer forward, as they’ve been spotted together in the Mahomes family suite at Arrowhead Stadium on multiple occasions. While sitting in the stands on 22 October, during the Chiefs’ game against the Los Angeles Chargers, the two friends even revealed that they had a special handshake.

The celebratory handshake – which was a reaction to the Chiefs scoring a touchdown – started off with the gals slapping the fronts and back of their hands together multiple times before they held hands and bumped their hips together. In another version of the handshake, they topped the move off with a chest bump.

During that game, Swift and Kelce seemingly confirmed their relationship, as Chariah Gordon, the partner of Kelce’s teammate Mecole Hardman Jr, shared a snap of the singer and NFL player’s sweet PDA moment. In the Instagram photos, the “All Too Well” singer could be seen standing next to Kelce, reaching to kiss his cheek, while attending the athlete’s party after the game.

In addition to the kiss, the football star also had the perfect reaction to a fan calling him Swift’s boyfriend when he was leaving Arrowhead Stadium on 22 October. After a fan shouted: “Let’s go Taylor’s boyfriend” as Kelce was waiting for an elevator, he reacted with a small smile on his face, before pumping his fist into the air.