Brooklyn and Nicola Are “Collateral Damage” in Major Family Drama Between the Beckhams and Peltzes

Brooklyn and Nicola Are “Collateral Damage” in Major Family Drama Between the Beckhams and Peltzes

Amid reports that Nicola Peltz is feuding with her mother-in-law Posh Spice (aka Victoria Beckham), Page Six is out here alleging that the drama actually goes way deeper than that. Turns out, the Beckhams and Peltzes simply don’t get along.

“Victoria and Nicola are just collateral damage. It’s not just about two women—it’s two families coming together,” a Palm Beach source (screaming) explained. “It’s pretty obvious there’s an issue between the two families. Everybody needs to find their place. They’re just not quite connecting yet.”

Apparently, there’s no drama between Brooklyn and his in-laws, but there is drama over the possibility that Nicola could use her billionaire family’s funds to launch her own Peltz-Beckham line, which apparently Victoria doesn’t love.

“There is a very deliberate move orchestrated by Nicola and her mom and funded by Nelson. There is a reason why Brooklyn and Nicola are now ‘Peltz Beckham.’ It’s all about branding,” the source said. “I think that Nicola and her mom come up with ideas, Nelson can fund anything and he says yes! But for David and Victoria, it has to have some substance.”

Meanwhile another source said that “the Beckhams are quite old-fashioned” and “believe that everyone should make their own way up in the world,” which is why they “famously made Brooklyn work in a café to teach him about work ethic and to get some values.” So…guess the whole “family money launching a new brand” thing isn’t sitting well?

Meanwhile, Brooklyn becoming “so close to the Peltzes” is “difficult” for Victoria. “The Peltzes may have thought, [The Beckhams] will be easy. The Beckhams are just a pop star and a footballer, but they’ve been doing this for 25 years—they’re very astute,” the Palm Beach source mused. “They can’t be controlled with the Peltz money.”

No words, just 👀.

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