Buffalo streaker honored with T-shirt for charity

Sometimes, you’ve got to let it all hang out for charity.

A streaker interrupted the closing minutes of Sunday’s Buffalo Bills-New Orleans Saints game, valiantly racing from end zone to end zone and thus racking up more yardage than any Bill despite the fact that he was running in barely-above-freezing temperatures. Here’s a pretty safe-for-work view:

And now, you can commemorate that moment in Bills history with a brand-new clothing line. The Buffalo Streaker has his own hoodie and t-shirt (available for $24.95 and $14.95, respectively) with a suspiciously familiar-looking logo:

Streaking for charity! (via screenshot)

The streaker himself, Tristan Lambright, and the company selling the shirts have agreed on a deal to dedicate $5 per shirt to purchasing winter clothing, which will then be donated to Buffalo’s City Mission. So all’s well that ends well.

Why would you streak in Buffalo? (Getty)

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