Build Your Foundation Wardrobe

Foundation is like the white shirt of your beauty bag—an everyday essential that always works. The problem is, there are so many different types, that shopping for this makeup basic can seem overwhelming. To explain what to use and when, I often compare foundation formulas to the white shirts that you have in your closet. Here’s my breakdown: 

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Tinted Moisturizer: This is your comfortable cotton t-shirt that you wear on the weekends or when you want to relax. The flattering, easy formula offers a light amount of coverage paired with just the right amount of hydration.

Liquid Foundation: Your classic white button-down shirt that you wear for work or when you want to dress up a pair of jeans. Liquid foundation in a medium coverage finish gives you a polished, pretty look that works for day or night.

Full Coverage Foundation: Think of this as the luxe cashmere sweater in your closet that you bring out when you want to look a little more glamorous.

Luminous Foundation: Like a gorgeous silk shirt, luminous foundation has a beautiful sheen. It’s the right choice when you want that dewy glowing look.

Powder Foundation: Similar to a light, airy summer blouse, powder foundation provides light finish that’s perfect for hot summer days.

BB Cream: We all have that one shirt in our closet that does everything. It’s perfect for day or night, ultra flattering, and works with pretty much anything. A BB cream has that same does-it-all spirit. The makeup balm hydrates, provides medium coverage, and also boasts skin-enhancing ingredients.