Burger King Is Selling 1-Cent Whoppers – But You Must Go to McDonald's

Maya McDowell
Photo credit: Burger King - Facebook

From Good Housekeeping

Burger King is no stranger to roasting its fast-food counterpart, McDonald's. Usually shots are fired via Twitter, but beginning today, BK is taking things to a whole new level, with a new promotion called the Whopper Detour. According to a press release, Burger King is "turning more than 14,000 McDonald's into Burger King restaurants" (kinda).

For a limited time, Burger King fans can order a Whopper for just one cent ... but you have to be within 600 feet of a McDonald's restaurant (and have BK's newly revamped app downloaded) to do so.

Photo credit: Burger King

If you're within one of the geofenced McDonald's locations across the country and have the app downloaded, the Whopper promotion will be unlocked. Once you place your order for a penny Whopper, you're "'detoured' away from McDonald's," and the app will navigate you to the nearest BK location for pick up. Hence, the Whopper Detour.

The relaunched BK app now offers order-ahead features (which you can try out with your Whopper order)! The Whopper Detour promo can only be redeemed once, from December 4-12 at participating BK locations. Be sure to get to a McDonald's soon, so that you can say you've ordered a Whopper "at" McDonald's!

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