Buttons was rescued from cold woods. Now the deaf NC dog needs a home again

Buttons the dog was rescued from the cold woods — and now the North Carolina pup needs another new home.

As of Nov. 28, Heart of the Foothills Animal Rescue was looking for an owner who will be patient with Buttons, a deaf puppy in need of someone to guide him.

“He loves to be close and that is partly out of just being a sweet, loving, loyal buddy and for his comfort and security,” the Rutherford County animal rescue wrote in an online adoption profile.

Buttons is ready for a second chance after getting a rough start to life. He was one of three puppies found in the woods one cold January morning, according to past Facebook posts from the animal rescue.

The puppies, reportedly found “malnourished and covered in ringworm,” were later reunited with another dog from their litter. After recovering, Buttons went to New Leash on Life, a program that allows inmates to train dogs.

Buttons went to a new home the same day he graduated from the program. But now, he’s up for adoption again “due to issues with the cats,” the rescue wrote Nov. 28 on Facebook.

Though Buttons may not do well in a home with cats, he can’t get enough of being around people. He’s also described as a dog that’s “resilient, sweet, and so smart.”

“His absolute favorite thing is sunshine and light,” the rescue organization wrote. “His sense of sight is so heightened and he is happiest sitting in the sun.”

Heart of the Foothills didn’t immediately share additional information with McClatchy News on Nov. 28.

The organization’s adoption center is in Rutherfordton, roughly 70 miles west of Charlotte. More information about the dog adoption process can be found at heartofthefoothills.org/adopt.

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