Buy an LG Bluetooth speaker for dad and get a free one for yourself

An array of LG XOOM Go XG5QBK speakers with their front lights all on different colors.

If you and your father bond over music, both have a tendency to forget things outdoors, and like the bass, then we have a deal that’s surprisingly good for you. This BOGO deal on the LG XBoom Go gets you a free one if you buy two this month, saving you the full $130 price on the second one. While this deal lasts until the end of the month, it seems that free delivery takes approximately six days. That means, that if you want this as a father-and-child shared gift (one for you, one for him) you’ll probably need to order before June 10 (Father’s Day is on June 16) and possibly even before that to account for extra shipping times during the height of Father’s Day deliveries. So, go ahead and tap the button below to purchase two of the LG XBoom Go now or keep reading for our take on the speaker.


Why you should buy the LG XBoom Go

The LG XBoom Go Bluetooth speakers are outdoor speakers that put an emphasis on bass at any sound level. In other words, these speakers are perfect for producing great background beats that won’t drown out conversation, keep the family from chit-chatting, or get your household in trouble from the neighbors. An 18 hour battery life and Bluetooth connection mean you won’t need any wires for the outdoors. They’re IP67 rated for dust and water protection, too, so you should have little worry about if a dusty wind or sudden rainstorm comes your way.

There’s also a bit of fun to be had with the LG  XBoom Go that goes beyond sound and environment. They have a front LED light ring that can put on a fun show. And, if you end up bringing your LG XBoom Go with you when you visit dad, they can ‘visit’ each other as well via a “Wireless Party Link” feature from LG that links up your speakers. In fact, if you’re interested in having a pair of wirelessly linking outdoor speakers, you could theoretically ditch dad altogether and keep them both for yourself. Not that you’d do that.

Usually, BOGO deals on something you only want one of are some of the worst, a trick to clog up your closets and cabinets with extras. But when you can make something of it, the product is great, and share a memory and bonding experience with a family member over it, a BOGO can transform into the best deal around. So, be sure to order your pair of LG XBoom Go speakers for just $130 by tapping the button below. Or, go check out more of the best speaker deals for other possible gifts for dad.