Caitlyn Jenner slammed by Special Olympics for agreeing with Donald Trump Jr that Joe Biden is ‘f****** retarded’

Caitlyn Jenner is being slammed by The Special Olympics for agreeing with Donald Trump Jr that Joe Biden is “f****** retarded”.

The former athlete, 74, who was known as Bruce Jenner until 2015 ahead of her gender transition, also repeatedly used the word ‘retard’ on X and has been hit with criticism since Wednesday (15.11.23) after using it to hit out at US President Biden, 80, for renewing a sanctions waiver that would grant Iran access to $10 billion from Iraq.

The Special Olympics has now said in a statement: “Words matter. Do better, Ms Jenner.

“Special Olympics has worked tirelessly to eradicate the use of the R-word, and your repeated use of it is being seen by millions of your social media followers.”

The non-profit group also invited Caitlyn to attend “any event” from one of its 200 programmes across the world so she can interact with Special Olympics athletes and “learn more about how to be an advocate for inclusion.”

The former athlete attended a Special Olympics event in 1979, three years after she won a gold medal in the decathlon at the 1976 Olympic Games – and spoke at the 1985 Special Olympics in Park City, Utah.

She said about the group at the time: “I get more out of it than the kids do. It makes you put things in perspective.”

Caitlyn came under fire on Wednesday for her message on X in response to Donald Trump Jr calling President Biden “f****** retarded”.

Donald, 45, also complained the term ‘retard’ is no longer “a big part of our vernacular”.

In her message about Donald’s comment, Caitlyn initially misspelled the slur before correcting herself, sparking a wave of trolling.

One web user said: “Misspelling that word specifically is so goddamn funny.”

Caitlyn highlighted how she “immediately respelled it properly” and called her typo an “epic ironic fail”.

The reality star then further upset her followers when she doubled down on her use of the word retard on Thursday while attacking “loser” reporters at Page Six who covered the controversy.

She said: “GET THE HELL OVER IT. How about focusing on how dangerous and R****D freeing up $10 BILLION to Iran is.

The Special Olympics’ website describes ‘retard’ as “a hurtful term that remains prevalent throughout social media”.