Camila Cabello dyed her signature brunette hair honey blonde

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Earlier this week, we Brits saw a pre-summer heatwave strike and whilst many were catching the UV 7 (!) rays, I was one of very few people who were sat with shades on, SPF 10,000 lathered up, and a sun hat to protect my sensitive scalp. I mean, if there ain't a pool to cool down in, count me out.

Having said all that, when doing my daily Instagram snoop in bed this morning, amongst the Father's Day posts, I came across Camilla Cabello with a brand new honey blonde hairstyle. Yep, you read that right: The 'Señorita' singer who is also known for her signature dark locks has taken an unexpected trip over to the dark light side.

And whilst I am ghastly afraid of the deathly UK sun (I very well may be a vampire at this point, who knows), it got me thinking. Perhaps I should have removed my [Asos sale!] sun hat and attempted to lighten my hair naturally, seeing as Camilla's is to dye (sorry not sorry) for. Although, I doubt the biggest star in our solar system, aka the sun, is quite a match for my dark brown box-dyed hair...

Anyways, enough about me, for Camilla's hurr is a transformation and a half!

Of course, it's not a dramatic jet-black to platinum blonde Kim K job, but we have to give credit where credit is due as it's still a noticeable change. Just as Zendaya did not too long ago, Camilla has added in some honey blonde highlights to her light(ish) brown locks, captioning the selfie: "miel 🍯". Oh, and if you hadn't already guessed, that is French for 'honey'.

*Warning to all hairdressers*: Don't be too surprised if in the upcoming weeks an abundance of clients come in with this picture of Camilla as a reference. After all, it's the perfect lewk for summer 2022.

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