Can onion juice help with hair growth? Blogger puts it to the test.

One beauty blogger says that onions and garlic help grow hair. (Photo: Instagram/amberjanielle)

We’ve turned toothbrushes and dish soap into hair products all in the name of good hair. Blogger Amber Janielle wants to expand that list to include two items we’ve never associated with maintaining your locks: onions and garlic.

Janielle shared an Instagram video of her veggie-fueled trick for great hair. “Be honest. Would you put onion juice in your hair if it meant longer hair?” she asked.

For Janielle, the answer was yes. The blogger mixed water, cayenne pepper, and a juiced onion into a hair mask that, she claimed, increased hair growth. 

“It’s said onions and garlic are great for hair growth because they are highly concentrated with sulphur, which combats against hair fall out,” she explained in her post. “Additionally, onions help prevent breakage and protect the hair and help boost the rate of your natural hair growth! When I heard this, I had to test this for myself!”

If you’re hesitant about applying onion directly to your scalp, you’re not alone. Some of Janielle’s fans aren’t too sure about trying this stinky solution, but others swear by it. “My mom adds the onion juice to our shampoo. It definitely helps with stimulating hair growth, and the smell goes away once you condition your hair,” wrote one commenter. However, another warned: “Don’t try this!!! My hair stank like dirty onion armpits for 2 months.” Eek.

Jerome Lordet, master stylist at Pierre Michel Salon, told Yahoo Lifestyle that garlic may help hair to some degree. “Garlic helps stimulate the blood flow, so it’s very possible that it helps with hair,” he said. But if you’re truly hoping for longer, healthier hair, there are proven supplements that don’t smell like an old salad. AJ Lordet, master colorist at Pierre Michel Salon, told Yahoo Lifestyle that biotin helps with hair growth.

So the next time you need a hair upgrade, you might want to head to the supplement aisle before you start chopping onions.

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