Can you tell the difference between these Donald Trump and Scrooge McDuck quotes?

Nick Paschal
Supervising Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

Dr. Who star David Tennant is the new voice of Scrooge McDuck in the DuckTales TV show. On Wednesday, Tennant visited The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, where the late-night host pointed out some similarities between the eccentric duck and our current president.

Colbert told Tennant, “One of the things we’ve noticed about Scrooge McDuck is that he is a billionaire tycoon, who — his name is on a lot of brands, and he employs lot of family members.” Before Colbert could continue, Tennant joked, “Well, it’s fantasy. You’ve got to understand it’s a fantasy.”

Trump vs. McDuck

So Colbert had Tennant read some quotes from Donald Trump and Scrooge McDuck, and it was surprisingly difficult to guess who said what. The first quote Tennant read was, “My money’s the best friend I ever had,” which came from Mr. McDuck. That one was kind of obvious, because the best friend Trump ever had was “the Mooch.” But the other lines were a tad more difficult. One that, for sure, seemed like a Trump quote was, “You’re fired. And don’t come back until you’ve discovered the joy of the enchantment, the sheer ecstasy of making big bucks.” And the last one was just as tricky, as Tennant read, “Part of the beauty of me is that I’m very rich” — which, believe it or not, came from our president.

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