Canada's passport: World ranking revealed amid pandemic travel restrictions

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The Henley Passport Index compares how countries will fare as we navigate the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The ranking of 199 countries does not take COVID-19 travel restrictions into account.

Countries covet a high ranking, not only so their citizens can travel without visas but also because it serves as proof of the country's good diplomatic ties.

While Canada didn't rank as high as previous years, it did move up one spot from the last ranking. 

Meanwhile, Japan and Singapore snagged the top spot in the rankings. Their passport holders have access to a whopping 192 countries without needing a visa.

Along with Canada, United States and United Kingdom moved up one spot in the rankings and remain powerful.

China moved down in this ranking from the 68th spot to the 72nd.

Yemen, Pakistan, Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan are in the bottom five of the rankings with access to less than 34 countries.

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