Canadian amputee shares candid hiking post: 'Instagram vs reality: Amputee edition'

Allison Lang says she loves to travel regardless of her disability. (Instagram/@allisonelang)
Allison Lang says she loves to travel regardless of her disability. (Instagram/@allisonelang)

Allison Lang isn't letting a little sweat slow her down.

On Thursday, the Canadian amputee and disability advocate took to Instagram to post a hiking video alongside a candid message about the "discomfort" she experiences while exercising.

In the clip, Lang, who was born without the lower half of her left leg, hiked along a wooded path in Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia, where she is currently on holiday. She beamed while conquering the trail in black shorts, a white tank top and a black backpack.

In the caption, the athlete and public speaker opened up about her disabled body and how she still gets to enjoy life's pleasures.

"Instagram vs. Reality: Amputee Edition. This is the most real and raw I’ve been on this app. It’s not often I show my residual limb online. But this is me, this is my body, the body that allows me to move and explore," Lang wrote. "I love hiking. I grew up in Alberta where I’d often go to the mountains and hike because, to me, it is fun! Here, I’m hiking the trails in the Plitvice Lakes in Croatia. Where the weather is hot, so naturally I get sweaty."

Lang also explained how her disability aids "get really sweaty," so she has to "wipe it off" in order to be more comfortable — an act she demonstrated in the video.

"And if you didn’t know yet, wearing a prosthetic and liners can get really sweaty and wet in the socket. Causing my little leg to slip around, which could cause irritation and discomfort. So, I need to stop every so often to wipe it off so my prosthetic is more secure and stabilizing," she added. "Don’t worry. Stopping a handful of times didn’t slow us down! We still completed the 7-8 hour trail in roughly 4-5 hours."

In the comments, fans thanked the influencer for keeping it real and praised her for "conquering the world" — disability and all.

"Girl, you're conquering the world! Love to see you thriving!" shared a follower.

"Thank you for the reality aspect! Thanks for sharing!" commented someone else.

"You are awesome and inspiring! Love seeing you show the realness," wrote a fan.

"Keep up the grind!" added another.

Last weekend, Lang took to Instagram to post a body positive message that encouraged fans to "rock the bikini."

In the clip, the influencer sat on a boat overlooking the Croatian waters. She smiled while taking in the picture-perfect scenery in a black bikini and a pair of oversized sunglasses.

In the caption, Lang opened up about the shame she used to associate with her body, and how she's learned to love herself.

"Don’t hide your body, you’re beautiful. I can’t believe all the life experiences I would have missed out on if I continued to hide my body the way I did when I was younger. Younger me would have made an excuse as to why I couldn’t join friends on a boat or a beach day by the water. But not because of what my friends would think of my body, rather what strangers would think of my disability," she penned. "Please don’t miss out on life experience. Say yes and rock the bikini. You’re perfect the way you are. Differences and all."

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