Canadian Conservatives are just fine with medical sex transition for children

Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre won't take a stand on child transition
Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre won't take a stand on child transition - Renaud Philippe /Bloomberg

Insanity in individuals is rare; but in groups, parties, nations and epochs, it is the rule. So said Friedrich Nietzsche, who would find plenty of insanity on display in Canada today.

Canada positions itself as a bastion of wokeism, hiding under a shield of fake compassion used to fool the naive into believing that deeply regressive policies whether they relate to drug decriminalisation, transgender dogmatism, or euthanasia are in fact progressive. But why have such positions gained a foothold here?

The simple answer, of course, is Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister. This is the man who pushed a harmful narrative about supposed mass graves of indigenous children, sparking a wave arson attacks against church buildings. He flew the Canadian flag at half-mast at Parliament for the better part of a year based on reports of ground-penetrating radar anomalies near former residential schools: anomalies which have so far turned out to be nothing but rocks.

This is the fake compassion that Trudeau lives for. The same faux-outrage is on display when it comes to his promotion of transgender ideology. Claiming to fight for the oppressed, Trudeau has instead helped to erase the sex-based rights of women through his amendments to the Canadian Human Rights Act, which has imperiled the integrity of single-sex spaces.

But the blame for Canada’s embrace of gender wokery does not lie squarely with Trudeau. That blame also lies with the Conservative Party, led by Pierre Poilievre. At last week’s Conservative party convention, members passed a resolution to block medicalised interventions for transgender-identified children. The issue has long united the Canadian Right, with 69 per cent voting in favour of the proposal.

Unfortunately for the party rank-and-file, the Conservative party is conservative in name only. Poilievre made it crystal clear that conference resolutions were non-binding, demurring only that he might take them into “consideration”. A quote from a senior Conservative party member to the Globe and Mail suggests Poilievre’s true position is more hostile, claiming that he is “unlikely to endorse the new policies”.

Canada’s legal system is particularly liberal in regards to transgender ideology. Take Bill C-16, which passed thanks to help from Conservatives, which gives anyone the right to instantly declare that they are the opposite sex. It also specifically made it a crime to discriminate against anyone based on their gender identity.

This law means that those born with male bodies can compete in women’s sports, enter women’s washrooms, join women’s domestic violence shelters, and be housed with female inmates in women’s prisons if they identify with the opposite sex.

The second piece of legislation passed regarding gender identities is another virtue-signaling law called Bill C-4. This made it a criminal offense to commit ‘conversion therapy’ based on someone’s sexual orientation or gender identity. The practice of trying to turn gay people straight is virtually non-existent, but politicians know if they present a bill to ban conversion therapy of sexual orientation, they will gain easy support. And it’s not the only thing the bill has changed.

Bill C-4 made it a criminal offense to try to help a child feel comfortable with their sex. It’s totally acceptable under the law to convince a girl she is a boy, send her into teenaged menopause with puberty blockers, give her testosterone which will require a hysterectomy, cut off her breasts, and turn her into a lifelong pharmaceutical patient. If you object to this practice, you can now be charged with “conversion therapy” and face up to five years in prison.

This is total madness but unfortunately for Canadians, the bill was confirmed unanimously in the House and the Senate. On the day that it passed, Pierre Poilievre’s hand-picked deputy, Melissa Lantsman, tweeted “Some days are exceptionally good days.” Conservatives and Liberals were dancing and crying in the aisles, hugging each other.

A virtually identical bill called Bill C-6 had passed the House during the previous government, but hadn’t passed the Senate yet when Trudeau called an election in 2021. At that time, 62 Conservatives voted against the bill. Among the minority of Conservatives who voted in favour was the Conservative party leader, Pierre Poilievre.

Pierre is a man who refuses to say a single word about child transition. Even when questioned about schools hiding a child’s name change and new pronouns from parents, all Pierre would say is “That’s a provincial issue.” He also won’t comment about the destruction of women’s rights. When asked multiple times on the campaign trail what a woman is, he refuses to answer.

The problem with Canada is not only Justin Trudeau. It’s that the aspiring leader, Pierre Poilievre, won’t take a stand against medicalised child transition because he’s afraid of being called names.

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