Canadian influencer praised for body positive message: 'This is me'

Sarah Nicole Landry is better known as
Sarah Nicole Landry is better known as "The Birds Papaya" online. (Photo by Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images for Create & Cultivate)

Sarah Nicole Landry is opening up about her body.

On Monday, the Canadian influencer, also known as The Birds Papaya, took to Instagram to share a body positive message for World Breastfeeding Month with her 2.2 million followers.

World Breastfeeding Month takes place during the month of August, and aims to inform and educate about breastfeeding and related issues.

In the post, the mother-of-four sat on a couch in a black tank top and a pair of jeans. She shared a photo of her chest alongside an emotional and empowering caption about nursing and motherhood.

"I am deflated but by what has filled me up. 3.5 years of nourishment for my children, the gift that is being able to age, to change, and skin that does it’s best to keep up with it all. It’s not familiar. But then again how could it be? When this is not what the magazines and TV showed me," the "Papaya Podcast" host wrote.

"But this is me. This is my chest. More than just for nursing or for looking at. Parts of me that are part of it all. My womanhood, my motherhood. Me. Deflated a little, but filled up a lot."

In the comments, fans praised the influencer for being so transparent about a personal but important topic.

"This is so beautifully said and thank you for being raw with us!" shared a follower.

"My tatas look like this and I wouldn’t change it for the world! Those moments with your little ones mean the world," commented someone else.

"Love this! I think it’s easy for us to judge our bodies, but forgetting why they have changed in the first place. I like to refer to my ladies as jello in a bowl now LOL. I wouldn’t change it for the world. So many aren’t able to, and I think it’s one of those hidden blessing of motherhood," wrote another.

"You always articulate things so beautifully. Your beautiful kids are so lucky to have you as a positive, introspective role model. Always learning. Always growing. Always loving," said another fan.

Earlier this month, the Guelph, Ont.-native opened up about her postpartum weight journey on Instagram.

In the video, the mother-of-four shared a slideshow of photos and clips from the past 15 years highlighting how her body has changed over time. The words: "Feeling lost season, restrictive season, more season," appeared on the screen to illustrate both the trials and positive moments she's experienced in her life and as a mother.

"I had three kids by the time I was 25. Back-to-back postpartum, a marriage that wasn’t thriving, feeling lost to motherhood and lost in my body," Landry wrote.

Later in the caption, the influencer opened up about how she changed her mindset surrounding her body, which has led her to feel ultimate freedom.

"...I gained weight, unrestricted myself (a.k.a. began to live more freely) and opened myself up to love and the opportunity to carry another life. I knew postpartum would be a hard step in the journey — but I wasn’t prepared for how beautiful and freeing it would all be, too," she said.

"This is a 15-second video for a 15-year story and it’s missing a lot of pieces and parts, nuance and imperfection. But I just hope you see one thing: that sparkle in my eyes. It’s real this time. And I can’t help but share it. More," Landry concluded.

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