Canadian TikToker goes viral for sharing her experience with ADHD

Here's why Olivia Lutfallah's videos are going viral.

Ontario TikToker's videos about life with ADHD are going viral.
Ontario TikToker's videos about life with ADHD are going viral.

An Ontario-based TikToker named Olivia Lutfallah is gaining popularity for sharing her experiences of living with ADHD, as well as her coping mechanisms.

Lutfallah, who is a Western University student, started making videos about ADHD after a friend asked her questions about it and found that she had a knack for talking about the disorder.

In one video, she says "Although it may look like that but my brain is actually going a million miles a minute and criticizing me every second I'm sitting here."

"There are lots of things that can cause it, over or under stimulation but today it was the simple mistake of sitting down with my phone in my hand," she said, referencing how it usually starts for her.

Over the course of one year, she has gained a following of more than 290,000 followers, and her videos have received millions of views.

Latfullah was diagnosed with ADHD in grade 3, and felt a sense of validation and alienation at the same time.

Her TikTok videos depict what it's like to live with ADHD, including a concept called "ADHD paralysis" which occurs when a person with ADHD is overwhelmed and freezes, unable to focus or complete tasks.

In her videos, she explains ADHD as feeling overwhelmed by stimuli and having difficulty desensitizing to it, resulting in ADHD paralysis.

'This was me today'

Other TikTokers who deal with ADHD are praising Lutfallah for her relatable content.

"Um this was me today," wrote one commenter. "I just moved and need to unpack but I just cannot move."

Everything combines into one for me and I completely shut down," they continued. "I struggle to even talk and no one understands and think I'm doing it for attention."

"When I see or here other people go through what I go through it makes me feel so comfortable," added another.

"Thank you for articulating what I can't even begin to explain," said another commenter.

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