Canadian TV host Tanya Kim tells fans to 'live fearlessly' in new workout video

Photo via Instagram @tanyakim
Canadian TV host Tanya Kim opens up about 'individual growth' in new workout video. (Photo via Instagram/tanyakim)

Tanya Kim is giving fans the motivation they deserve.

On Monday, the Canadian TV personality took to Instagram to share an inspirational and "impressive" workout video with her 28,000 followers, telling them to "live fearlessly."

"The learning, the work, the exploring, the discovering, none of it should ever cease during our lifetime. These doings are integral to our individual growth, evolution, and expansion," the "Etalk" host penned alongside a video of her lifting weights and boxing. "And I mean, we are granted this one life here on planet earth so why not make the most of it and try new things!? Oooouuu, the new opportunities and world of possibilities you’ll unveil."

Kim's post was met with applause for her "incredible shape" and motivational message.

"You look to be in incredible shape, ma'am! This was the Monday motivation I needed. Thanks for sharing," one Instagram user wrote.

Another added: "Amen, sister. Learning to fight gave me so much more than I ever realized, the majority of which was spiritual and with that, peace. For me, it was traditional Ju-Jitsu and then Wing Chun. Love the words you spread!"

"You make it look so easy! Go off, ageless queen!" someone else chimed in.

"You go, Tanya!" another wrote.

"This is so cool! So amazing and you got it down," one person commented.

"Making it look good!" another penned.

This isn't the first time that Kim has shared workout content with her fans. In June, she posted an Instagram video of herself boxing, paired with a caption telling her followers that they can "achieve anything."

"Remember this: You can achieve anything you put your mind (and hard work) to. And you are so much stronger than you think.⁣ Keep slaying, slayers!⁣" she wrote.

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