Canadian World Juniors captain Hayton apologizes for leaving helmet on during Russian national anthem

Barrett Hayton left his helmet on during the Russian national anthem at the IIHF World Junior Championship. (Getty Images)

Canada looked less than stellar at the IIHF World Junior Championship on Saturday, falling 6-0 to Russia. What happened after the game ended did not make things any better.

Canadian captain Barrett Hayton displayed poor sportsmanship during the Russian team’s celebratory national anthem after the win, as the 19-year-old left his helmet on while the anthem played.

Russian captain Grigori Denisenko was vocal about his displeasure of Hayton’s display, letting the officials know. Additionally, numerous players on the Russian team avoided shaking Hayton’s hand in the post-game handshake line.

Denisenko didn’t get into it when asked about the incident post-game, but he did say that the entire team had an issue with Hayton’s actions.

Hayton and Hockey Canada both offered statements about the act, with Hayton stating he was “lost in the moment.”

Also weighing in on the incident on Twitter was Boston Bruins superstar David Pastrnak. Pastrnak, born in the Czech Republic, the host country of the tournament, was not impressed by Hayton’s behaviour.

Surely this will only add more fuel to the fire of what is an already volatile rivalry between Canada and Russia at this tournament.

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