Canes see 'no formula' to finally win a playoff road game

The Carolina Hurricanes are on the brink of the conference finals and yet they haven't won a single road game in the year's Stanley Cup playoffs.

Video Transcript

- Obviously, special teams, really important tonight. You know, first of all, the shorthanded goal. Can you ask for a better pass than the one Jordan had? And also, what happened on the actual turnover? It seemed like Trouba just kind of lost it in its feet? Or did you puck it away?

- Yeah, I think Jordo, just, he did a really good job of he was F1 and he kind of wedged Trouba one way. And Trouba was trying to go the other. And I think it just caused him to fumble the puck and then landed right on my stick.

And just, I think they just were going so fast that they just skated by me. And I had a little bit of time, so that I could skate with it. And then yeah, I mean, the pass that Jordan made was incredible, so.

- Obviously it's been a while for the Power Play. Did that change the mentality on the bench, to go? I mean, you guys go from down 2-1, offside review, bam, scoring the Power Play. Did that change the vibe, that swing there?

- Usually I think that those type of goals are what changes gains and changes momentum. But tonight for some-- I mean, it's not for some reason. But we were prepared tonight.

And I think that the mentality on the bench didn't change from the start of the game to the end. Even when they scored that goal, I think we were pretty confident it was offsides. But we had confidence, played hard the whole game, played our game. And I think that's just the way it has to be.

What happened tonight about just the ability to lock them down? It wasn't even that they couldn't get through the neutral zone. They couldn't even get into the neutral zone, a lot of the night. I'd imagine that's as well as you can execute that.

Yeah. That's just the type of game that we play. We play a hard-nosed game. We play smart and above them. That's how we played all regular season.

And we kind of got away from that the first couple of games of this series. But when we play that way, and we play our game, I like our chances against anybody.

- Where's this game, as far as just getting a lot of guys going? I know you hadn't had a point in a while, Svech obviously, maybe pressing a little bit. Is that a big part of this too, as a bunch of guys get on the scoresheet, maybe can they pass that along with the Power Play, finally converting?

- It can be. I don't know. I mean, for the Power Play, that's big. We need to score on the Power Play. Obviously, special teams are huge in the playoffs. Said it a million times.

But Svechie, Svechie is going to-- I mean, he's going to get his goals. He plays hard every night. But if you were to tell our team that anybody on our team, tell them that you have 0 points in the playoffs but we're in the Stanley Cup, I don't think any of us would care.

- So the home team won, as is tradition for you guys in the playoffs. How do you-- how do you do what you did tonight in a game 6 on the road? Like, how do you transfer the effort that you had in a game like this, to the road?

- You just do it, right? There's no formula for it. Feels like kind of beating a dead horse.

Not winning on the road, it's no different, really. I mean, it's the same game, same team playing. It's just a matter of us being prepared when we start the game. And that must be next game.

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