Canned Corn Is The Secret For Better Mac And Cheese

Macaroni and cheese with corn
Macaroni and cheese with corn - gowithstock/Shutterstock

While you can't go wrong with classic macaroni and cheese, there are plenty of creative ingredients you can incorporate into your recipe to seriously elevate your dish, from bacon bits to broccoli. But if you're seeking an especially easy addition that's sure to please a crowd, we suggest mixing some canned corn into your next batch of mac and cheese for a delightfully surprising blend of textures and flavors.

At first glance, ooey-gooey mac and cheese and crispy canned corn may not seem to have much in common -- well, besides the two foods' yellow-hued coloring -- but both dishes make for classic Southern sides, and they're as warm, hearty, and tummy-filling as you can hope for. More than likely, you've already enjoyed a scoop of both served together alongside a heaping helping of barbecued meat. So, why not combine them to create the ultimate comfort food meal?

Not only will the addition of the starchy corn kernels help to bulk up your cheesy noodle dish, it will also round out the savory flavor of the cheese with a touch of sweetness, as well as add some much-needed moisture to ensure a super creamy result after cooking.

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How To Incorporate Canned Corn Into Your Mac And Cheese

Macaroni and cheese with corn
Macaroni and cheese with corn - Sorin85Banica/Shutterstock

Besides its unique taste and texture, one of the best things about upgrading your mac and cheese with corn is just how easy it is to do. Whether you're whipping up your mac and cheese in a pot or baking it in the oven casserole-style, the store-bought corn kernels can be cooked along with the rest of your ingredients, so there's no additional kitchen preparation required. You can simply mix the corn in with your noodles and cheese, and prepare the dish as you typically would.

However, you can also take the time to experiment with different canned corn options to discover your ideal result. While a can of juicy corn kernels are enough to provide the right amount of extra moisture in your cheesy dish, you can also achieve next-level decadence by adding in a bit of creamed corn to the mix. The rich, velvety corn pulp effortlessly soaks into your cheese and noodles and results in a sumptuously creamy dish that you and your dinner companions will be sure to take seconds of.

Either way, the softness of the cheesy macaroni will pair well with the crunch of the corn, and together they'll create a flavorful dish that bursts in your mouth with every bite. Who knew canned corn was the secret to upgrading your tried and true comfort food recipe in a snap?

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