'Car-horn' buzzer at Final Four aggravates home viewers, confuses radio listeners in cars

Final Fours played in football stadiums tend to bring logistical issues, and sometimes those challenges affect the TV viewing experience.

San Antonio is no exception this year, except the problem this time seems be the result of an actively bad decision rather than an oversight.

For some reason, whoever is in charge of equipping the in-game buzzer at the Alamodome decided to make the buzzer that alerts shot-clock violations, substitutions and otherwise sound like a high-pitched car horn. Instead of, you know, the sound that a buzzer makes in almost every basketball stadium on the planet.

And it’s been driving people crazy, myself included. Like much of America, I watched both Final Four games on Saturday, and every time the buzzer sounded, I looked out of the window by my television to see who was honking on the street.

But it was nobody. It was just that aggravating sound coming out of my television for the 17th time. For radio listeners in their car, things were apparently and understandably worse as their radars for car horns kept getting pinged.

Twitter, as it often is, became a popular sounding board.

This is just a small sampling of a smattering of social media complaints about that annoying sound coming from San Antonio. Hopefully somebody fixes it by Monday.

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Villanova’s Omari Spellman (14) and Kansas’s Udoka Azubuike (35) battle for the ball at the tip off during the first half in the semifinals of the Final Four NCAA college basketball tournament, Saturday, March 31, 2018, in San Antonio. (AP Photo/Tim Donnelly)