Cardi B unveils giant back tattoo that took ‘months to complete’

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She shared a video with her fans. (Getty Images)
She shared a video with her fans. (Getty Images)

Cardi B has showcased her giant new back tattoo in new Instagram video.

The rapper talked her fans through the intricate, colourful flower tattoo which starts at her shoulder and goes half way down her leg in a spiralled pattern.

As well as showing fans the tattoo in a video, she posted a full-body shot of the new look to showcase just how big it really is.

The 27-year-old also shared a sweet video of her daughter, Kulture, one, taking part in a quarantine fashion show.

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Cardi B showed off her new ink with a photo of her from behind wearing a fluorescent green Fashion Nova bikini complete with gold chain straps.

To add to the look, she wore a pair of green and blue Louboutins complete with a royal blue bag which matches her hair really rather perfectly.

Alongside the flowers of the tattoo, a few butterflies and a hummingbird can be seen interspersed throughout.

If you’re wondering how long a tattoo as large and as intricate as this one might take, Cardi B tells us it was in the region of 60 hours.

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She shared a post from her tattoo artist, Jamie Schene, which explained to the rapper’s fans that the tattoo had to be spread out over many months and “more than 10 cities”.

“It was an awesome project and a crazy experience. Thanks for the dedication, strength, and hospitality. Lara and I appreciate you and your family,” he wrote.

After sharing videos of her new tattoo and the process, it was time to give some air-time to Kulture, who is a regular feature of Cardi B’s Instagram stories.

The toddler carried around a Mickey Mouse handbag with a level of pride that only a child could give it.

“Oh my God! Wow! Hello,” Cardi B could be heard saying as she turned her camera to face Kulture, who was treating the living room like a toddler fashion show.

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