Carlos Correa is mad at Roberto Osuna for some reason we don't quite understand

Carlos Correa doesn’t have too many reasons to be salty these days. He’s the starting AL shortstop for next week’s All-Star game. His Houston Astros have the best record in all of MLB and Correa himself has been playing great, hitting .320 with 17 homers and 58 RBIs.

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Yet there he was Thursday night, after the Astros’ 7-4 loss to the Toronto Blue Jays, calling out the closer for the last-place team in the AL East. Correa, 22, made the final out of the game, grounding back to pitcher Roberto Osuna. After the game, Correa called out Osuna for “showing me up.”

Here’s the direct quote from the Houston Chronicle’s Hunter Atkins:

“I don’t know what’s so special about that: throwing me a 3-2 cutter; showing me up,” said Correa. “I go home, relax. Next time I face him, he better not give up a homer.”

Carlos Correa wasn’t happy with Blue Jays closer Roberto Osuna for showing him up. (Getty Images)

We’ll be honest. We’re not exactly sure what Correa is mad about here. Sure, baseball’s unwritten rules are a little more intensely scrutinized in MLB clubhouses than they are around these parts. Still, this seemed pretty benign.

We have a couple theories, so let’s hit the highlights:

1. Is Correa mad because Osuna took his time to throw to first base?
Watch how Osuna gets the ball, takes a few steps and then eventually tosses to first base for the final out. Is it that? Because, for one, Osuna had to wait for first baseman Justin Smoak to get to the bag. And it’s not like Correa was breaking Statcast records as he ran down the line.

2. Is Correa mad that Osuna did a celebratory dance after?
Here’s Osuna and catcher Russell Martin doing a celebratory ritual that ends with a dab. Sure, dabs are played out, but that’s hardly an over-the-top celebration for an MLB closer. Fernando Rodney has been shooting invisible arrows around baseball fields for years and he’s not on the Unwritten Rules Most Wanted list.

Both of these seem kinda flimsy. So unless Osuna said something to Correa that we missed, we’re gonna have to wonder if something else was bugging Correa. Because, as we said from the jump, Correa has too many things going right at the moment to sweat something like this.

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