Carnation Is Releasing a First-Of-Its-Kind Product Perfect for Mac and Cheese

Give this favorite dish an upgrade.

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Dotdash Meredith Food Studios

Evaporated milk is a powerhouse ingredient when it comes to adding rich, creamy flavor. Unfortunately, it’s often left in the dust for its dessert-friendly counterpart, sweetened condensed milk. Both have a thick consistency due to the majority of water being removed and contribute a concentrated milky flavor to recipes. The difference, however, is that evaporated milk lacks added sugar, which creates the deep caramel-like flavor in sweetened condensed milk. While you can add sugar to create desserts with evaporated milk, the pantry staple shines in savory recipes, including Alfredo sauce, queso, and potato soup.

According to Carnation, the number one dish in which customers use evaporated milk is the gooey and timeless meal we all love–mac and cheese. And to celebrate National Mac and Cheese Day, July 14, the brand is releasing a new flavor for the first time.

Carnation Is Releasing Kickin’ Jalapeño Flavored Evaporated Milk



Carnation is spicing things up with its latest product: Kickin’ Jalapeño Flavored Evaporated Milk. The new product will combine the classic creamy taste of evaporated milk with a kick of spicy jalapeño flavor. This comes as part of Carnation’s collaboration with Tineke Younger, also known as Tini. The popular creator appeared on Next Level Chef with Gordon Ramsey and gained a massive social media following over the past couple of years by sharing her recipes and cooking hacks on TikTok.

One of the most notable videos has over 100 million views and features Tini’s baked mac and cheese. The recipe begins with a seasoned roux that is whisked into a creamy base with Dijon mustard, heavy cream, and evaporated milk. Then, a variety of freshly shredded cheese is added to the sauce and melted until smooth. Next, boiled Cavatappi noodles, Tini’s preferred pasta, are combined with the sauce base and layered into a baking dish with the remaining shredded cheese. The hearty dish is then cooked until bubbling and finished with a quick broil for a picture-perfect golden brown topping.

In the spirit of Mac and Cheese Day, Carnation is making it easier than ever to recreate the viral recipe at home. The brand is releasing “Mac It Better” kits, which include the popular recipe and the shelf-stable essentials you’ll need to make it.

The “Mac It Better” kit includes:

  • Tini’s iconic mac and cheese recipe

  • One can of Original Carnation Evaporated milk

  • One can of Carnation Kickin’ Jalapeño Flavored Evaporated Milk

  • One bag of Cavatappi dry noodles

  • $25 gift card to purchase the recipe’s remaining ingredients

But you’ll need to act fast. The kits will only be available on a first-come, first-serve basis on Carnation’s website through three drops: June 25, July 9, and July 14. Kits are only available while supplies last.

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