Carolyn talks about getting sober in Survivor 44 deleted scene

Carolyn talks about getting sober in Survivor 44 deleted scene

Carolyn Wiger has been a scene stealer on Survivor 44. Whether she's completely fooling her tribe with random sticks spelling out the letter X, flipping the script on a big vote, or just making random noises and wondering if she's Felicia, Carolyn has been non-stop entertainment.

However, the fan favorite has a much more serious backstory that we've not yet seen on the show's first four episodes. We do, however, get a glimpse of it in an exclusive deleted scene from the latest episode.

Carolyn Wiger and Sarah Wade on 'Survivor 44'
Carolyn Wiger and Sarah Wade on 'Survivor 44'

CBS Carolyn Wiger and Sarah Wade on 'Survivor 44'

In the day 8 scene, which you can watch above, Carolyn attempts to mend fences with tribemate Sarah Wade, who was blindsided when ally Helen Li was voted out, acknowledging that "it's universally awkward with us."

In an interview to the camera, Carolyn explains what she considers to be the big differences between she and Sarah. "I'm very emotional and she is the opposite. She's stone faced. She doesn't show emotions," says Carolyn. "But I'm a drug counselor, and part of my job is to have empathy. When I see someone who is holding back their emotions, I see suffering."

Speaking with Sarah and Yam Yam Arocho, Carolyn says, "I told myself when I got sober that I would never, ever hold my emotions in again." When Yam Yam asks why, Carolyn responds, "Because I held it in for so long. And holding it in did nothing but keep me sick and make me unhappy."

While Carolyn's past struggles are not something that we've seen on the show, she discussed her recovery openly in her pre-season bio, which counted her 13 years of sobriety and "raising my son in recovery" among her greatest accomplishments. When asked about the life experience that best prepared her for the game, she wrote, "Overcoming my addiction and learning how to forgive, love and accept myself. Active addiction is mental and emotional torture. It took me years to realize my mistakes don't define me. I've worked hard to become this person I am proud of."

Judging by how she has played so far, she indeed does seem prepared for the game. To see the full deleted scene for yourself — and find out why Sarah only hugs her brother once every five years — watch the video up top.

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