Carrie Johnson's son Wilf has the most incredibly wild hair in adorable video

A split image of Carrie Johnson and Carrie and Wilfred
A split image of Carrie Johnson and Carrie and Wilfred

Carrie Johnson's three children have the most sensationally wild locks, and on Monday, the mother-of-three shared an adorable video of her eldest son Wilf's vibrant blonde hair in its full glory.

Taking to her Instagram account, the 36-year-old shared a brilliant clip of her four-year-old son watching a hot air balloon flying through the air.

Facing away from the camera, Wilf's ice-blond tresses were on full display as he adorably waved from what appeared to be the Johnsons gargantuan garden. See the sweet moment in the video below.

The little one looked adorable in his white and blue striped pyjamas. It's safe to say Wilf has inherited his father, Boris Johnson's, brilliantly wild hair.

But it isn't just the eldest of the Johnson brood to have fabulously bold tresses, last week, Carrie shared the sweetestupdate​ of her three-year-old daughter Romy's beautiful blonde locks as she galivanted in the garden.

A photo of Romy Johnson wearing a blue tutu
Since starting ballet in May, Romy has been loving her tutu

In the snap, Romy's bright strands were blowing free in the wind in the candid snap, whilst she wore her blue ballet tutu and a pink floral headband. The little one was also wearing pink socks and matching pink trainers.

Meanwhile, the youngest of the Johnson trio, baby Frankie, has vibrant red hair, which is often seen by friends and fans of the former media rep on her Instagram account.

woman holding baby
Baby Frankie has vibrant red hair (Instagram)

The Johnsons' life in the country

After living at number 10 whilst Boris was Prime Minister, the then-family-of-four lived in London before upping sticks to Oxfordshire where they currently live in a resplendent grade-II listed country home, Brightwell Manor. 

The 400-year-old mansion is situated in Brightwell-cum-Sotwell, and is steeped in history having previously belonged to the former Duke of Normandy.

A photo of Romy and Wilfred in their family garden
A photo of Romy and Wilfred in their family garden (Instagram)

Brightwell Manor features, nine bedrooms, five acres of plush greenery and a moated castle thought to have been built by King Stephen in the 1150’s. Not to mention the natural spring fed by a dam that controls the moat's water level.

The Johnson's fairytale home also has a duck pond complete with a family of ducks who reside there, gifted to the family by neighbours shortly after they moved in.

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The property couldn't be more perfect for Carrie, Boris and their brood. The adoring mother has revealed on countless occasions how much her trio love animals and the outdoors so their vast garden couldn't be a better place for them to play.