Celebrities weigh in: How would you make baseball cooler?

It’s one thing for people like me and you to sit here in front of the screens on our mobile device and opine about what baseball could be doing to be cooler in 2018. Not complaining about batting practice attire seems like one idea, but that’s just me talking.

Me and you aren’t as cool as celebrities, though. It’s a proven fact. Celebs have a higher Q rating than us, which is what makes them famous.

You see where this is going? On this week’s installment of my Open Mike video series, I talked to some celebrities and asked them how they’d make MLB cooler. Because if anybody would know such a thing, it’s a person with two million Instagram followers.

Brian Kelley from Florida Georgia Line, Quincy and Ashley Greene at the MLB All-Star Game. (Yahoo Sports)

On our celebrity panel included:

• Brian Kelley from famous country group Florida Georgia Line
• Actress 
Ashley Greene of “Twilight” fame
• Actor 
Christopher Jackson of “Hamilton” and “Moana”
• Actor/musician 
Quincy from the show “Star” 
Scott Rogowsky, the host of HQ Trivia
• WWE superstar The Miz, who also appeared on “Old Baseball Cards”

What qualifies them to talk about baseball? Well, they all played in the Legends and Celebrity Softball Game in Washington D.C. recently before the All-Star Game. And that’s more than me and you can say.

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