All the Celebrity Cameos in Ben Affleck’s Dunkin' Super Bowl 2024 Ad

The actor is joined by some of his closest friends for the hilarious new Dunkin' ad



Ben Affleck is putting his love for Dunkin' to music in his new Super Bowl ad.

During the big game against the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers, the actor unveiled an incredible new commercial for his favorite coffee chain.

In the ad, Affleck storms into the studio where his wife Jennifer Lopez is working on her new album This Is Me... Now to unveil the hilarious song he and the "Dunkings" put together about Dunkin’.

Of course, the Oscar winner isn’t alone in his venture; the star-studded ad is filled with some notable celebrity cameos, from some of Affleck’s closest friends to some big football stars.

This isn’t the first time Affleck has teamed up with Dunkin’. Last year, he brought his wife in on the fun for a 2023 Super Bowl ad and recently he teamed up with Ice Spice to unveil her viral Ice Spice Munchkins Drink.

Read ahead for all the cameos from the new Super Bowl ad starring Affleck.

Jack Harlow



The beginning of the video starts with a cameo from Jack Harlow, who tries to persuade Affleck not to perform his song for Lopez. However, Affleck explains that last year “she came to my work” — making reference to his viral 2023 Super Bowl ad, in which he was manning the Dunkin' drive-thru — so now he has to “show her what I can do" at he place of work.

The duo previously previewed their ad just days before the Super Bowl in a teaser called “Voice of Reason.” In the ad, the Air star questions his reasoning skills with Harlow as his common sense guide.

“Here’s why I know it’s right: It’s because there’s a voice. ‘Don’t do this. Terrible mistake,’” he tells the “First Class” rapper.

Harlow responds: “That might be what you need to hear.” Affleck vehemently disagrees. “No, that’s the wrong voice.”

Jennifer Lopez



Just before Affleck steps into the studio, we get a shot of Lopez as her assistant lets her know “he’s here,” to which she gives a horrified look.

Last year, Affleck enlisted Lopez for a fun cameo in his 2023 Super Bowl ad for Dunkin’. The hilarious spot showed Affleck playing a Dunkin' employee serving unsuspecting attendees their beverages and treats in a hidden camera-like spot.

At one point, while he is working the drive-thru, Lopez appears and teases her husband. "What are you doing? Is that what you do when you say you're going to work all day?" she says.

Tom Brady



As Affleck lays down his track, he is joined by backup dancers and some close friends, whom he dubs “the Dunkings.” Playing the keys is none other than 7-time Super Bowl champ Tom Brady, who is shown sporting orange sunglasses and a tracksuit.

Affleck and Brady have been longtime friends, going as far back as the early 2000s. They have often talked about their friendship in interviews, with Affleck previously calling Brady “a prince and a really sweet man, and the greatest football player that ever lived.”

Matt Damon



In the ad, Affleck gets a little help from his best friend Matt Damon, who later tells Lopez he’s “so sorry” for making her watch their performance.

Damon and Affleck first met as children growing up near Boston and bonded over their shared love of acting and baseball. Over the years, the friends have shared the screen together, won awards together and launched a production company together. Now, they can add starring in a Super Bowl commercial together to their long list of accomplishments.

Fat Joe



At the end of the ad, rapper Fat Joe appears next to Lopez as he reacts to Affleck’s performance with a bewildered look.

Fat Joe is one of the many celebrities who appear in Lopez’s anticipated new film This Is Me... Now, which coincides with her album of the same name and will be released on Feb. 16. Lopez and Fat Joe have also worked together on a number of songs over the years, including “Hold You Down” and “Stressin’.”

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