Celebrity interior designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard shares his must-have items

Interior designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard shares his top tips, from a Kardashian-esque gallery wall to kitchen features like Ellen Pompeo's and bold colors inspired by Ru Paul.

Video Transcript

MARTYN LAWRENCE BULLARD: Hi, guys. I'm Martyn Lawrence Bullard, designer to the stars. And I'm here to give you some celebrity-approved tips to make your new year bright, cheerful, and just fantastic. So this amazing room is Kourtney Kardashian's office. And Kourtney loves a bit of old Hollywood, kind of a little edgy moment, a little glamour. And we created that way adding photography to make this amazing gallery wall. It's something that's really easy to achieve at home. There are so many amazing companies out there, like condenast.com, that have this beautiful imagery. You can buy things that really resonate with you, frame them up, and make this incredible window into your own decorative soul.

So for Tommy Hilfiger and his very adventurous wife, Dee, we created this amazing polka-dot room by buying stencils of giant circles and kind of randomly putting them up all over the walls in this mad yellow color. You can take any design that you love. Maybe it's a circle. Maybe it's a square. And you can create your own vibe with it. The world is your oyster, and the stencil is your pearl.

For this beautiful kitchen that I designed for Ellen Pompeo, we kind of decided to do mostly lower cabinets, which was a fantastic look except we had nowhere for storage. So I decided to put a beautiful pot rack on her wall. And it became the most useful way to display and use her incredible pots. In this case with Ellen, I matched it to the color of her window frames, which was kind of a matte black. So think of the thing you love best about your kitchen and then go for that color and make a statement.

This is actually my living room. It's flooded with incredible light. And I particularly love my new drapery in there because to me, the jewelry of our living rooms is really how we dress the windows. And so it inspired me to create a collection of for Shade Store of beautiful new fabrics that really allow you to kind of make your windows sparkle within the space.

One of the things I'm most excited about in 2022 is I'm doing an amazing home for RuPaul. And as you can imagine, Ru, with his larger-than-life, amazing personality, is going to have a larger-than-life home, where believe me, color is a must. When you want to kind of spice up your home, but you don't know the direction to take, a great place to start is to go out to your local flower store and buy a mass of flowers, whatever color it is that you love, and put it in the room where you were thinking about adding color.

See how that color pop feels. Sometimes if you look at a giant bunch of daffodils sitting in your living room, you suddenly think, you know what? I want to live in a yellow room. And if you decide you don't like the color, you're going to still love the daffodils. And you get to enjoy them for a week or so.

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