Celtics players tried their British accents and Al Horford's needs some help

Al Horford tries and fails to do an accent in the Celtics’ promo video for their game in London. (Twitter/@Celtics)

The Boston Celtics are in London for their game against the Philadelphia 76ers on Thursday, so they’re presumably surrounded by tea, pubs, and British accents. Lots and lots of British accents.

To get into the spirit of the country they were visiting, a bunch of Celtics players sat down before they left and did their best British accents in front of a camera. Well, they tried. Some were more successful than others.

In all, nine players tried their British accents, and we really need to talk about a few of them.

On the good side, there’s Kyrie Irving. Kyrie’s accent sounds like he’s been practicing it for years — or maybe he just watches a lot of British television. (Could he be a fan of “The Great British Bake Off? The world demands answers!) Semi Ojeleye’s accent also sounds pretty great. Aron Baynes closed the video with an accent that was definitely British, but he also sounded like he was starring as Eliza Doolittle’s father in a production of “My Fair Lady.”

Over on the opposite side of the spectrum were a few players, but the one that stands out the most is Al Horford. Poor Al, he just couldn’t make the mouth noises that matched the British accent in his brain. He tried talking slowly and even slowed down the words themselves, but he knew immediately that faking a British accent just wasn’t in his wheelhouse.

Al Horford tries “Hello, mates” and laughs at himself. (Twitter/@Celtics)
Al Horford tries again and still can’t do a British accent. (Twitter/@Celtics)

There is good news for Horford’s, uh, “British accent.” Since he’ll be in London, he’ll be around a lot of people with authentic accents. Maybe he can pick up a few tips.

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