Change Up How You Cook Eggs For Your Next Breakfast Sandwich

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The versatility of a good breakfast sandwich is what makes it so attractive as a simple, delicious way to start your day. While your toppings and ingredients are just one of the ways you can customize this early morning staple, one of the easiest ways to upgrade your breakfast sandwiches is by changing up how you cook your eggs. There are an endless amount of ways to cook eggs: From fluffy scrambled to crispy, fried eggs, the possibilities are endless. Experimenting with how you cook your can completely change your breakfast sandwiches.

If your egg is the star ingredient of your sandwich, a perfectly silky omelet is an easy way to add something that is substantial and delicious. This gives you a rich, buttery base that is perfect for melting a creamy cheese on top. This mild, soft version of eggs is prime for adding more flavorful ingredients such as hot sauce or pickled vegetables. Another great way to cook your eggs is to try is a sliced hard boiled egg. If having a messy, runny egg on your breakfast sandwich seems like a sticky nightmare, a hard boiled egg is an easy way to avoid this predicament. You could turn your hard boiled egg into egg salad, or slice it into smaller pieces. If you love the flavor and texture of a soft yolk, you can opt to soft boil your egg for a jammy, yet contained, yolk.

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Other Ways To Cook Your Eggs

fried egg on poppyseed bagel
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A crispy fried egg is a great complement to heavier ingredients, such as bacon or ham, on your sandwiches. The reason for this is that a fried egg will be thinner than a scrambled or omelet-style, giving your meatier toppings plenty of room to shine. You can infuse more flavor into your eggs by frying up your meat first and cooking your eggs in the leftover grease. This gives your egg a greater depth of savory flavor for a rich, hearty breakfast sandwich.

If you've ever wondered how fast food places get those round eggs that fit perfectly on an English muffin, the secret is using an English muffin ring or the lid of a Mason jar to get that perfectly rounded shape. Cook your egg on a lower heat till cooked all the way through, you can cover the egg and add a splash of water to steam the egg and keep it from drying out. This style of egg is great for meal prep as well, allowing for you to have delicious breakfast sandwiches all week.

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