Charlize Theron Looks Totally Different with Baby Bangs

All bangs are intimidating, but none spark terror quite like baby bangs. This short, above-the-brow, choppy look is bold and can be frustrating to style, but when baby bangs are done right, they're damn cool.

A textbook example: Charlize Theron's blunt micro-bangs she showed off last night at the red carpet premiere of her new film Long Shot.

Inspired by '90s supermodel Linda Evangelista, Theron's stylist Adir Abergel added fake fringe to her chocolate brown bob. "A couple of months ago, we decided to take her brunette and cut her hair into a bob for the Oscars," Abergel said. "I love that she is a risk taker and explores different styles. For the premiere, we wanted to push it just a little bit further, and I decided to give her some faux bangs.

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Before clipping in the bangs, Abergel applied Virtue Labs Un-Frizz Cream and Volumizing Primer from the roots to mid-shafts to create a smooth, shiny base for the look. After he blow-dried and flat-ironed her hair straight, he pulled Theron's bob in to a tight low ponytail. Then, he clipped in the bangs, trimmed them, and ran a bit of the Un-Frizz Cream through them for extra shine.

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Theron looks almost unrecognizable with this combination of dark brown hair and bangs, but the style was a one-night-only deal. Since the actress' baby bangs were clip-ins, she can take them out whenever she damn well pleases. So, if you've been thinking about getting bangs, this is a great way to test drive them before making a real commitment.

Even though Theron's baby bangs are fake, they look so good, we wish they were a style we'd see more of on her.

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