Meghan Markle Wore an $8 Drugstore Nail Polish on Her Wedding Day

Caroline Hallemann
Photo credit: Getty Images

From Woman's Day

Let's all just take a deep breath, shall we? The week leading up to the royal wedding has been filled with drama of the TMZ variety.

But now that Meghan Markle has officially confirmed that her father will not be attending the royal wedding, indicating that his absence is due to health reasons, it's time to turn our attention to happier wedding details, like discussing the bride's manicure.

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It seems the bride chose Essie's cult-favored "Ballet Slippers" for the big day, and we can't say we're surprised - her new relatives, the Duchess of Cambridge and Queen Elizabeth II are both fans of Essie's nude-y pink shades, with Her Majesty preferring "Ballet Slippers" (the shade Meghan chose to wear) and Kate favoring "Allure."

The shade is currently available in drugstores and on Amazon for $7.69.

Her nails looked quite similar to the way they did for her engagement announcement and first official royal outing in Nottingham: short, rounded, pearly pink, and well-maintained.

Here's a close-up shot of the clean, minimalist manicure.

Photo credit: Getty Images

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