Check Out the Most Memorable Celebrity Mug Shots

Tiger Woods was recently arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence. But the famous golfer isn’t the only celebrity to have an infamous mug shot. Here are the 10 most memorable celebrity mug shots:

1. James Brown was arrested in 2004 for criminal domestic violence.

James Brown mug shot. (Photo: Getty)

2. In 2003, Michael Jackson surrendered to the Santa Barbara Police Department in California and was charged with seven counts of child molestation.

3. Lindsay Lohan has six booking photos, and after violating her probation in 2011 (bottom middle photo), she doesn’t seem too happy.

Lindsay Lohan’s six booking photos. (Photo: Getty)

4. Phil Spector had two booking photos in 2009

Phil Spector booking photo in 2009. (Photo: Getty)

both were terrifying in their own way.

Phil Spector booking photo with hair. (Photo: Getty)

5. In 2008, Heather Locklear was arrested on DUI charges.

6. Jim Morrison was arrested in 1963 for disturbing the peace while drunk at Florida State University.

7. Lil’ Kim doesn’t look too happy about being arrested in 1996 for possession of marijuana.

Lil’ Kim mug shot. (Photo: Getty)

8. Paris Hilton was in full glam for her booking photo in 2007 after violating her probation for an alcohol-related reckless-driving charge.

9. And her Simple Life co-star, Nicole Richie, was arrested just a year earlier on suspicion of driving under the influence.

10. Heiress Patty Hearst was arrested in 1975 for robbing a bank, but her mug shot looks more like a portrait.

Patty Hearst mug shot. (Photo: Getty)

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